We think, every people in the world do traveling for the sake of their happiness. To fullfil that, people tend to buy things when they are travel, stay in expensive hotels, and go to fancy restaurants. We got no problem with that. But, when you are traveling, have you tried to have some conversation with the locals? Or just with another travelers? For us, the most exciting moment, the moment that ignites joy, is when we talk to other people when we are on our journey. That way, we can get some beautiful memories to look back when we are home.

We have special campaign which called “Wanderjoy”
based from our personal philosophy. We say “Comfort zone is a beautiful place, but
nothing ever grows there” and a passionate believer about “ value being one with our
universe” We often felt comfort zone is the safest place in world, but we recognise that
comfort zone cannot give an excitement and pride. In Humblezing, we believe that leaving comfort zone are the simple way to and pride and
happiness. Take a sweet escape from routine activities and exploring the world you
haven’t seen before can give you new experience and new happiness. Because beautiful
things are waiting to be discovered.