We call our costumers as Humble people. Humble people can be described and identified
as young creative people with interest for travelling, have versatile taste for music, good
movie, great art and any outdoor activity. We love our humble people. They never tired to
dare themselves to try new things, love to interact with new people and always found
new perspective to broaden their life escape. They goes to their “leave the comfort”
destination. Maybe not to Everest (Humblezing product cannot afford that effort) but we
ready to represent them in more value that we present.

We proud to say, “We help to open the door of chance for more amusing adventure”
Humblezing taking feedback seriously and focused on what humble people needs.
We believe that a brand purpose is to fulfill customers needs and grow along with them.
We want to give new perception about a valuable product not always have to be
expensive. Humble people should know that good product could comes with affordable
price; that’s what Humble is all about.

We wanted to give new perception about humble living with making a great product with
affordable price. Affordable price doesn’t mean a less good quality in a product, because
inside Humblezing family, we only trust the highest standard of durability, functionality
and quality. We believe that happiness is not always cost a lot, but it’s possible
comes from the simplest and humblest way.

The definition of Zing is a spirit to deliver pride and happiness. We often felt comfort zone
is the safest place in world, but we recognise that comfort zone cannot give an
excitement and pride. Four us, we believe that leaving comfort zone are the
simple way to find pride and happiness. Take a sweet escape from routine activities and
exploring the world you haven’t seen before can give you new experience and  happiness. Because beautiful things are waiting to be discovered. Grab your ZING now!