We strongly believe in the quality of material. Humblezing product are very suit for urban and outdoor activities, so the strong point of the product is comes from the versatile of the material itself. Besides we serve a best material quality, we’re also giving a new spesific material that can’t with customers activities but weren’t unnecessarily complicated or overshadowed by the latest technology so the outdoor experience was undisturbed.

We see that the functionality aspect of apparel product are very important for customers activities but excitement about quirky detail is equal important for us. Amuse yourself with and what special in our patch, snap button, loop signature and inner pocket.


Built for adventure, tailored in style. Our jackets are manufactured in high durability to follow you travel further to the wilderness. With the best craftsmanship, we ensure the best quality from the start to finish that will follow you in every path of the season.

A modern and urban outdoor look that makes you feel as if you are experiencing an outdoor life in the midst of the city.


Two wheels series is our approach for everybody who love to find adventure with their bike. Specially made with resilient materials.

They created to protect you from dust and coldness while still make you cool riders. A challenging road doesn’t wait for you, grab your trusted companion now!


The sun is barely rising, and you’re already on your way to the beach. laziness would be too heavy for this beautiful morning; a spirit would be too light, but still keeps its laidback shape and feel. with their urban comfort from the material and unlining feature will create the traveling experience for the wearer and improve the boldness of their identity.